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My Marchantia


Welcome to the #MyMarchantia Community Page

This page will be used to share observations and photos from everyone who is participating in the #MyMarchantia community science activity, which involves taking home a baby Marchantia polymorpha plant and watching how it grows and develops in different environmental conditions.

Share your photos and observations

Please share your photos and observations via:

Twitter: Tweet photos of your Marchantia with the hashtag #MyMarchantia and tag @slcuplants or

Online Submission: You can submit your photos and observations using our Marchantia Online Submission form. To protect your privacy we do not collect any personal details and ask that you just include your first name or alias that you are happy to have published with your photos and observations.


You have adopted a Marchantia - now what?

Thank you for visiting our stand at the Science Festival and taking home one of our baby Machantia liverworts.  Your baby Marchantia is five-days old and will look similar to this photo on the left.

It started out as a gemma (a little spherical clump of green cells) that was collected from a gemma cup of its parent. This is how liverworts make copies of themselves through vegetative reproduction. In nature a splash of rain would wash the gemma out of the cup so it could settle on the ground and then then start growing.



 What environment is you Marchantia growing in?



We've placed the Sainsbury Laboratory #MyMarchantia plant in a west-facing window in our building. It gets full afternoon sun and so it might get a bit hot in the coming week.