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Dr Thomas Torode

Dr Thomas Torode

Research Associate

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR

Research Interests

Thomas is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Schornack group, and a College Research Associate at King’s College. He studies the role of the plant and algal cell walls in relation to development, biotic and abiotic stress, and for biotechnology and bioenergy applications.

His current research focuses on how plants interact with a variety of symbiotic and pathogenic microbes. The entry, passage, and establishment of interfaces between these two classes of organisms have shared characteristics, and feature extensive re-modelling of the cell walls to permit or restrict growth within the plant host. Examining the biochemical and biophysical properties behind the mechanisms that control these interactions enable greater control over the microbial colonisation of host plants.

Thomas completed his PhD in the lab of Prof Paul Knox (University of Leeds), where he generated the BAM (Brown Algal Monoclonal) series of monoclonal antibodies towards cell wall components of the brown algae. He then joined the lab of Dr Siobhan Braybrook (University of Cambridge), where he used Atomic Force Microscopy to study cell wall mechanics.

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