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Sainsbury Laboratory

Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium promotional banner. Text: Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium, 21-23 September 2022, Cambridge UK. Theme: Regulatory dynamics during development and evolution.

Thank you for participating in the Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium Poster Sessions. We look forward to sharing your research with delegates.


Please ensure you have the consent of all contributors to your poster to share the information on it and that you have appropriate copyright permissions in place. 

We will send you a link to upload your poster, indicate any preference for a specific poster session time (lunchtime or evening) and whether you would like your poster to be made public after the conference. This widens the audience for your research, but may not be a suitable option for all content.


Online poster session format

Your online 'poster' should be 3 slides rather than a traditional poster as presenting in this format is easier online.

You will be put in a Zoom breakout room with two other presenters so that you can present to each other as well as other delegates who will come in and out during the live poster sessions.

On-site delegates will be encouraged to attend the online poster sessions, and senior members of SLCU and some speakers will attend.


In-person posters

Your poster should be A0 size; 841mm x 1189mm. We will provide poster boards and velcro dots for your use. 


Here are some suggestions for creating accessible, engaging posters:

OSF | Better Scientific Poster