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Sainsbury Laboratory

Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium promotional banner. Text: Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium, 21-23 September 2022, Cambridge UK. Theme: Regulatory dynamics during development and evolution.

Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium 2022

Regulatory Dynamics in Development and Evolution

21-23 September 2022 | Cambridge, UK and Online

Daily schedule


Day 1: Wednesday 21 September 2022


13:30-13:50       Arrivals and coffee         

13:50-14:00       Opening remarks            

14:00-15:00       Kerstin Kauffman (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) Regulatory mechanisms controlling cellular differentiation in flower development

15:05-15:35       Erik Clark (University of Cambridge) Arthropod segmentation dynamics during development and evolution

15:40-16:10       Ting-Ying Wu (Temasek Life Science Laboratory) Expansion of gene regulatory network in plants upon environmental changes: what is kept and what is lost throughout the evolution

16:10-16:30       Tea break           

16:30-17:00       Alexandre Marand (University of Georgia) An exploration of cis-regulatory diversity in plant single-cells         

17:05-17:20       Eldad Afik (California Institute of Technology) Self-Organized Macroscopic Waves Reveal Intrinsic Rhythms in a Giant Single-Celled Organism Feeding on Light    

17:25-17:55       Flash talks (pre-recorded)            

18:00-19:45       Poster Session 1 and Dinner          

19:00-19:45       Online poster session    


Day 2: Thursday 22 September 2022     


09:00-09:30       Coffee  

09:30-10:00       Berta Verd (University of Oxford) On the role of cell rearrangements in pattern formation

10:05-10:35       Renske MA Vroomans (University of Cambridge) Evolution of spatial patterning in vascular plants     

10:40-11:10       Suriya Murugesan (National University of Singapore) Gene-regulatory network governing the origin of butterfly eyespots- a novel complex traits

11:10-11:15       Group photo     

11:15-11:45       Coffee  

11:45-12:00       Yoan Coudert (ENS Lyon/CNRS) Evolution of plant architecture through changes in auxin movement control

12:05-12:20       Omer Karin (University of Cambridge) Epigenetic inheritance of gene-silencing is maintained by a self-tuning mechanism based on resource competition           

12:25-12:55       Flash talks (pre-recorded)           

12:55-15:00       Lunch and poster session              

14:15-15:00       Online poster session    

15:00-15:30       Kaisa Kajala (Utrecht University) Evolution of dynamic barrier cell types

15:35-16:05       Isaac Salazar Ciudad (Centre De Recerca Matematica) How to develop and evolve complex robust phenotypes?

16:10-16:25       Hugh Mulvey (Gregor Mendel Institute) Evolution of RHO cell polarity signalling in plants

16:25-16:45       Tea break           

16:45-17:00       Hannah Morrow (Monash University) The molecular mechanisms regulating ovary development in response to nutrition in Drosophila melanogaster

17:05-17:35       Marcus Heisler (University of Sydney) Patterning lateral organ development in Arabidopsis       

17:40-17:55       Margot E Smit (HHMI/Stanford University) Stomatal patterning during embryogenesis is gradual and is required for post-embryonic stomatal development

17:55-20:00       Curry/Barbecue Social Dinner 


Day 3: Friday 23 September 2022            


08:30-09:30       Early Career Researchers Breakfast with Invited  Speakers

09:00-09:30       Coffee  

09:30-10:00       Aman Husbands (University of Pennsylvania) HD-ZIPIII transcription factors are controlled by deeply conserved START domains             

10:05-10:35       Annis Richardson (The University of Edinburgh) How do Grasses Grow?

10:40-10:55       Facundo Romani (University of Cambridge) Systematic analysis of the expression landscape of Marchantia transcription factors

11:00-11:15       Ruth Kristianingsih (John Innes Centre) Curve registration – an approach for comparing gene expression dynamics over different developmental timescales

11:15-11:45       Break   

11:45-12:45       James Sharpe (EMBL) 3D tissue morphogenesis from plants to animals? Same difference.

12:45                 Closing remarks picnic lunches and access to Botanic Garden