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Sainsbury Laboratory

Dr Pawel Roszak

Research Interests

Development of multicellular organisms depends on a tight spatial and temporal control of locally operating genetic programs. Given genes become activated or repressed only in given cells leading to development of sophisticated tissue patterns. Control of mitotic activity and direction of cell division plane leads to directional growth and development of plethora of plant organ shapes. These mechanisms underlying plant morphogenesis remain main interest of my research.

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Dr Eva Hellmann

I joined the Helariutta group in SLCU in September 2014 and before worked in the Helsinki Helariutta group from June 2013. Before becoming part of the Helariutta Lab I was doing my diploma and PhD in the Institute of Applied Genetics, Freie Universitaet Berlin, with Alexander Heyl and Thomas Schmuelling. I analysed the mediation of the cytokinin transcriptional response e.g. by developing a screening system for novel modulators of cytokinin signaling.


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Dr Karolina Blajecka

I completed my MSc in Biotechnology (2006) at the University of Life Sciences in Poznan, Poland. I obtained my PhD in Cancer Biology (2012) at the University of Zurich having previously worked on the programmed cell death signalling pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana at the ETH-Zurich.

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Professor Yrjö Helariutta

Ykä Helariutta received his MSc (1990) and PhD (1995) from the University of Helsinki. Following a post-doctoral fellowship in the Benfey lab at New York University, he returned to Helsinki (1998) to launch his own research group focused on vascular development and wood formation.  In 2001 he was selected for an EMBO Young Investigator award, and in 2008 he became an EMBO Member. Ykä was also awarded an ESF Young Investigator grant in 2005 and became director of the Genome Biology Research Program at the University of Helsinki's Institute of Biotechnology in 2011.

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