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Dr Martin Balcerowicz

Dr Martin Balcerowicz

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100

Research Interests

Within the last decade it has been established that plant responses to light and temperature are tightly interconnected. Having a strong background in plant photobiology, I am interested in the mechanisms by which light modulates temperature responses. I use genetic and biochemical approaches to analyse the effect of light on temperature signalling pathways.

Key Publications

Balcerowicz M & Hoecker U (2014) Auxin – a novel regulator of stomata differentiation. Trends Plant Sci. 19: 747–749

Balcerowicz M, Ranjan A, Rupprecht L, Fiene G & Hoecker U (2014) Auxin represses stomatal development in dark-grown seedlings via Aux/IAA proteins. Development 141: 3165–3176

Putterill J, Zhang L, Yeoh CC, Balcerowicz M, Jaudal M & Gasic EV (2013) FT genes and regulation of flowering in the legume Medicago truncatula. Funct. Plant Biol. 40: 1199–1207

Yeoh CC, Balcerowicz M, Zhang L, Jaudal M, Brocard L, Ratet P & Putterill J (2013) Fine Mapping Links the FTa1 Flowering Time Regulator to the Dominant Spring1 Locus in Medicago. PLoS ONE 8: e53467

Balcerowicz M*, Fittinghoff K*, Wirthmueller L, Maier A, Fackendahl P, Fiene G, Koncz C & Hoecker U (2011) Light exposure of Arabidopsis seedlings causes rapid destabilization as well as selective post-translational inactivation of the repressor of photomorphogenesis SPA2. Plant J. 65: 712–723 

*equal contribution

Yeoh CC, Balcerowicz M, Laurie R, Macknight R & Putterill J (2011) Developing a method for customized induction of flowering. BMC Biotechnol. 11: 36

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