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Dr Raili Ruonala

Dr Raili  Ruonala

Post Doctoral Researcher

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100


Throughout my scientific career, I have been interested in various aspects related to developmental biology.  My PhD project (Kangasjärvi lab, Helsinki, Finland) dealt with developmental processes specific to perennials, such as bud dormancy and terminal bud formation in trees.  During my first postdoc, I studied flower and inflorescence development in various non-model species with an evolutionary perspective (Albert-lab, Buffalo, NY).  I also had a chance to briefly look into the ‘mammalian world’ i.e. retinal development in mouse (Mu-lab, Buffalo, NY).  In October 2012 I joined the Helariutta team, specifically focusing on genetic screens in cytokinin sensitized backgrounds to identify and characterize novel mutants with altered vascular patterning in the Arabidopsis primary root.   

Key Publications

Functional diversification of duplicated CYC2 clade genes in regulation of inflorescence development in Gerbera hybrida (Asteraceae).  Juntheikki-Palovaara, I., Tahtiharju, S., Lan, T., Broholm, S. K., Rijpkema, A. S., Ruonala, R., Kale, L., Albert, V. A., Teeri, T. H. & Elomaa, P. (2014) In : Plant Journal. 79, 5, p. 783-796.

Isl1 and Pou4f2 form a complex to regulate target genes in developing retinal ganglion cells. Li, R., Wu, F., Ruonala, R., Sapkota, D., Hu, Z. & Mu, X. (2014) In : PLoS One. 9, 3.

The unique pseudanthium of Actinodium (Myrtaceae) - morphological reinvestigation and possible regulation by CYCLOIDEA-like genes.  *Claßen-Bockhoff, R., *Ruonala, R., Kester Bull-Hereñu, K., Marchant, N. & Albert, V. (2013) In : EvoDevo. 4, 8.

The double-corolla phenotype in the Hawaiian lobelioid genus Clermontia involves ectopic expression of PISTILLATA B-function MADS box gene homologs.  Hofer, K., Ruonala, R. & Albert, V. (2012) In : EvoDevo. 3, 26.



Plant vascular development - connective tissue connecting scientists: updates and trends at the PVB 2013 conference.  Ruonala, R., Hellmann, E. & Helariutta, Y. (2014) In : Physiologia Plantarum. 151, 2, p. 119-125.

Crossing paths: cytokinin signalling and crosstalk.  El-Showk, S., Ruonala, R. & Helariutta, Y. (2013) In : Development. 140, 7, p. 1373-1383.