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Dr Dawei Yan

Dr Dawei Yan

Research Associate

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100


Plasmodesmata (PD) are known as cytoplasmic channels that connect neighboring cells for cell-to-cell communication. PD structure and function vary temporally and spatially to allow formation of symplastic domains during plant development.Reversible deposition of callose at PD controls molecular trafficking through PD by regulating their size exclusion limit. My current work aims to explore the regulation mechanism of symplastic trafficking mediated by PD during root development in Arabidopsis using genetic, histocytological and biochemical approaches.

I obtained my PhD degree in Genetics in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. During my PhD stage, my research work focused on exploring function of genes involved in genetic and epigenetic regulation in two model plants Arabidopsis and rice.

Key Publications

Shri Ram Yadav*, Dawei Yan*, Iris Sevilem, Ykä Helariutta. Plasmodesmata-mediated intercellular signaling during plant growth and development.  Frontiers in Plant Science 02; 5:44  (2014)

Dawei Yan*, Xiaoming Zhang*, Lin Zhang, Shenghai Ye, Longjun Zeng, Jiyun Liu, Qun Li and Zuhua He (2015) CURVED CHIMERIC PALEA 1 encoding an EMF1-like protein maintains epigenetic repression of OsMADS58 in rice palea development. Plant Journal. Feb 2. 2015