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Computational Biology Workshop

last modified Jul 24, 2013 01:44 PM

20-31 August, 2012

A group of 30+ invited scientists from around the world who use computational modelling in studying plant and animal biology attended the second annual computational biology workshop at the Sainsbury Laboratory. 

Schedule of Speakers:

Monday 20 August
14.00 Induction programme for invited attendees

Tuesday 21 August
9.00 - 10.00 Jill Harrison, Cambridge
10.00 -11.00 Vijay Chickarmane, Caltech
13.00 -15.00 Discussion: Gene regulatory network models

Wednesday 22 August
9.00-10.00 Julio Saez-Rodriguez, EBI
10.00 -11.00 Richard Morris, JIC
13.00 -15.00 Discussion: Parameter/model inference methods

Thursday 23 August
9.00 -10.00 Markus Grebe, UPSC
10.00 -11.00 Malcolm Bennett, Nottingham
13.00 -15.00 Discussion: Root models

Friday 24 August
9.00 -10.00 Enrico Scarpella, University of Alberta
10.00 -11.00 Przemek Prusinkiewicz, Calgary
13.00 -15.00 Discussion: PIN polarization models

Monday 27 August
9.015 -10.15 Phil Wigge, SLCU
10.15 -11.15 James Locke, SLCU
13.00 -15.00 Discussion: Tutorials/teaching modules

Tuesday 28 August
9.15 -10.15 Petros Koumoutsakos, ETH Zurich
10.15 -11.15 Olivier Hamant, ENS-Lyon
13.00 -15.00 Discussion: Growth/mechanics

Wednesday 29 August
9.15 -10.15 Christophe Godin, INRIA and Jan Traas, ENS-Lyon
10.15 -11.15 Richard Smith, Bern
13.00 -15.00 Discussion: Image processing/experimental templates

Thursday 30 August
9.15 - 10.15 Eric Mjolsness, UCI
10.15 - 11.15 Alistair Middleton, Heidelberg
13.00 - 15.00 Discussion

Friday 31 August
9.15 - 10.15 Jim Hasseloff, Cambridge
10.15 - 11.15 Ray Goldstein, Cambridge
11.15 -12.15 Discussion: Simpler organisms

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