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Sainsbury Laboratory


How to apply

As the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU) is a research-only department, our postgraduate research degree students are enrolled in one of the University of Cambridge's teaching departments.

This means that as a postgraduate research degree student, you will be a member of both the Department that you are enrolled in and also SLCU where your research work and supervisor is based. The Departments where our students enrol through include:


To apply for a postgraduate research course (PhD or Masters) under a supervisor at the SLCU you will need to:

  1. Identify a potential supervisor (see the list of potential SLCU supervisors)
  2. Contact this supervisor to discuss possible projects. 
  3. Discuss with your potential supervisor which Department to apply through (see list of Departments that most of our students are enrolled through at the bottom of this page).
  4. Check that you meet the prerequisites by checking course details on the central University of Cambridge Postgraduate Admissions Course Directory.
  5. Submit an online application via the Applicant Portal before the application deadline closes.


step-by-step guide to the online application process is detailed on the University of Cambridge's Graduate Admissions site. 


Teaching Departments to enrol through

Departments & Courses that most of our postgraduate research degree students are enrolled through

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP)

Department of Biochemistry

Department of Genetics

Department of Physics

Department of Plant Sciences