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Sainsbury Laboratory


Professional scientific and technical careers

SLCU offers a diverse range of positions in our scientific and technical teams, including laboratory technicians, imaging technicians and horticulture technicians. Many of our scientific and technical staff are directly involved in research

Research Groups also include scientific staff members who conduct research and manage the organisation of the lab.

Our scientific and technical staff members come from a broad range of backgrounds and have completed professional training, apprenticeships, higher education or obtained a university degree or PhD.


Career development and training

SLCU is committed to supporting training and development activities and encourages staff to undertake workshops and courses provided by internal and external providers.

We also support technicians to achieve accreditation as a Registered Science Technician (RSciTech), Registered Scientist (RSci) or Chartered Scientist (Csci).


Technician commitment

The University of Cambridge is a signatory of the Technician Commitment. This is a sector-wide initiative, sponsored by the Gatsby Foundation and the Science Council, to help address key challenges facing technical staff working in Higher Education. This involves a commitment to technical career development.

As part of this, there is a dedicated technician development website with resources, career development information, a Yammer “Cam Techs” group, regular newsletter, mentoring schemes, technicians conference and accredited courses.