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Dr Dorothee Stoeckle

Dr Dorothee Stoeckle

Laboratory Technician

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100


Since childhood I have been fascinated by the diverse and plastic development of plants. Following this interest, I trained to become a florist after school. Since I was eager to learn more and gain a deeper understanding of plant development I went on to go to university to study Agricultural Biology at University of Hohenheim (Germany), focusing on applied plant science.

I did my PhD at the Center of Molecular Biology of Plants (ZMBP, University of Tuebingen) in the lab of Dr Sabine Mueller in the department of Developmental Genetics. My thesis focused on characterising the proteins PHGAP1 and PHGAP2, which are important for cell division and cell expansion in Arabidopsis.

Research Interests

I am deeply interested in studying transcriptional responses to the environment. I am looking at these on a genome-wide scale; specifically, I exploit genome-wide approaches to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying plant temperature responses. Temperature has a huge effect on plant development; with small differences in ambient temperature having large effects on plant growth and development. It is estimated that every 1ºC increase in mean temperatures causes crop yields to decrease by about 10 %, making a mechanistic understanding of temperature perception central to breeding resilient crops. My ultimate goal is to bring applied and basic research together to deliver solutions and knowledge to breeders seeking to breed crop varieties with improved climate-change resilience.

Key Publications

Stöckle D., Herrmann A., Lipka E., Lauster T., Gravidia R., Zimmermann S. and Müller S. (2016) Putative RopGAPs impact division plane selection and interact with kinesin-12 POK1. Nature plants , published online 08.08.2016 
Lipka E., Gadeyne A., Stöckle D., Zimmermann S., De Jaeger G., Ehrhardt D.W., Kirik V., Van Damme D. and Müller S. (2014) The Phragmoplast-Orienting Kinesin-12 Class Proteins Translate the Positional Information of the Preprophase Band to Establish the Cortical Division Zone in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Cell 26:2617-2632.