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Ms Justine Toulotte

Ms Justine Toulotte

Laboratory Technician

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100


As a laboratory technician, I am currently working on several projects in the lab.

I am focussing on the identification of Medicago truncatula genes and proteins involved in plant colonisation by both beneficial and detrimental microorganisms. I am studying the interaction of this plant with the arbuscular mycorrhiza fungus Rhizophagus irregularis, the nitrogen fixing bacteria Sinorhizobium meliloti and the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora palmivora

I am using various molecular methods such as: Gateway cloning, overexpression and RNA interference techniques; generation of composite plants (transgene-expressing hairy roots), pathogenicity tests, nodulation and mycorrhiza colonisation assays; gene expression, promoter induction studies and phenotypic analyses using molecular, biochemical and microscopy approaches.

I also contributed to the characterisation of Phytophthora avirulence (AVR) gene products and their cognate plant resistance (R) gene products in Nicotiana benthamiana using transient Agrobacterium-mediated expression in leaves.

Key Publications

Rey T., Chatterjee A.,Buttay M., Toulotte J., Schornack S. (2014) Medicago truncatula symbiosis mutants affected in the interaction with a biotrophic root pathogen. New Phytol.