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Dr Pau Formosa-Jordan

Dr Pau Formosa-Jordan

Visiting Researcher

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR


I received my degree in Physics (2006) and Masters in Biophysics (2007) at the University of Barcelona. I did my PhD in Physics (2013) at the same institution, under the supervision of Dr Marta Ibañes and Prof Jose María Sancho. During this PhD I investigated different problems of pattern formation in animal and plant tissues from a theoretical perspective, in collaboration with experimental groups. From May 2014 until July 2020 I did my postdoctoral research at the SLCU within the groups of Dr James Locke, Prof Henrik Jönsson and Prof Elliot Meyerowitz. At the SLCU, I investigated different topics using modelling and experiments, ranging from pattern formation in the developing sepal and the shoot meristem, variability in seed germination, and dynamics of isolated plant cell regeneration.

In September 2020 I started my research group at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne. We are studying pattern formation and developmental transitions in plants, using combined theoretical and experimental approaches. Please feel free to contact me if you are willing to do a PhD or Postdoc in this field.

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in tackling different aspects of cell signalling and patterning at the tissue, cellular and subcellular levels. To do so, I am using combined theoretical and experimental approaches involving mathematical modelling and time lapse microscopy of fluorescent markers in plant tissues and in cell cultures. 

Key Publications

K Abley*, P Formosa-Jordan*, H Tavares, E Chan, O Leyser, J CW Locke (2020) An ABA-GA bistable switch can account for natural variation in the variability of Arabidopsis seed germination time. bioRxiv. Link (* joint first authors)

B Landrein, P Formosa-Jordan, A Malivert, C Schuster, C W Melnyk, W Yang, C Turnbull, E M Meyerowitz, J CW Locke,  H Jönsson (2018) Nitrate modulates stem cell dynamics in Arabidopsis shoot meristems through cytokinins. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA. 115:1382-1387. Link

J C Luna-Escalante, P Formosa-Jordan and M Ibañes (2018) Redundancy and cooperation in Notch intercellular signaling. Development, 145.  Link

H M Meyer*, J Teles*, P Formosa-Jordan*, Y Refahi, R San- Bento, G Ingram, H Jönsson, J CW Locke and A HK Roeder (2017) Fluctuations of the transcription factor ATML1 generate the pattern of giant cells in the Arabidopsis sepal. eLife, 10.7554/eLife.19131.  Link, PDF, Figs and Supp Figs (* joint first authors)

N Fàbregas*, P Formosa-Jordan*, A Confraria*, R Siligato, J M Alonso, R Swarup, M J Bennett, A Pekka Mähönen, A I Caño-Delgado and M Ibañes (2015) Influx carriers control vascular patterning and xylem differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genetics, 11(4): e1005183. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1005183 Link, PDF, Supp Info  (* joint first authors)

J Petrovic*, P Formosa-Jordan*, JC Luna-Escalante, G Abelló, M Ibañes, J Neves and F Giraldez (2014) Ligand-dependent Notch signaling strength orchestrates lateral induction and lateral inhibition in the developing inner ear. Development, 141, 2313-2324. Link (* joint first authors) 

P Formosa-Jordan and M Ibañes (2014) Competition in Notch Signaling with Cis Enriches Cell Fate Decisions. PLoS ONE, vol. 9(4) p. e95744. Link

P Formosa-Jordan (2013) Pattern formation through lateral inhibition mediated by Notch signaling (PhD Thesis). LinkPDF

P Formosa-Jordan, M Ibañes, S Ares and JM Frade (2012) Regulation of neuronal differentiation at the neurogenic wavefront. Development, 139, 2321-2329. LinkPDF

P Formosa-Jordan and M Ibañes (2009) Diffusible ligand and lateral inhibition dynamics for pattern formation. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P03019. LinkPDF

Book Chapters and Reviews

P Formosa-Jordan*, J Teles*, H Jönsson (2018) Single-cell approaches for understanding morphogenesis using Computational Morphodynamics. In: Morris R. (eds) Mathematical Modelling in Plant Biology. Springer, Cham Link   (* joint first authors)

N Fàbregas*, P Formosa-Jordan*, M Ibañes and A I Caño-Delgado (2017) Experimental and Theoretical Methods to Approach the Study of Vascular Patterning in the Plant Shoot. In "Xylem - Methods and Protocols", Methods in Molecular Biology, ed. M. de Lucas and J. Peter Etchells. Springer Science+Business Media, New York.  Link (* joint first authors)

P Formosa-Jordan and D Sprinzak (2014) Modeling Notch signaling: a practical tutorial. In "Notch Signaling - Methods and Protocols", Methods in Molecular Biology, 1187:285-310 ed. H. Bellen and S. Yamamoto. Springer Science+Business Media, New York.  Link

P Formosa-Jordan, M Ibañes, S Ares and JM Frade (2013) Lateral inhibition and neurogenesis: novel aspects in motion. International Journal of Developmental Biology, 57:341-350. Link

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