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About SLCU

The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU) opened in 2011 as a research institute focused on elucidating the regulatory systems underlying plant growth and development. Supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, SLCU is a community of approximately 160 people and 14 research groups.

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SLCU brings together specialists in biological, physical, and mathematical sciences integrating a range of wet-lab experimental research with computational modelling. This interdisciplinary approach is essential for understanding the complex dynamic and self-organising properties of plants.

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SLCU values outreach as a chance to highlight the importance of plant science research and to discuss the work of the Lab with a wide range of people.

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Facilities & Services

SLCU provides facilities and services for advanced imaging, plant growth, tissue culture, seed storage and public software tools.

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Seeking Research Assistant/Associate

François Nédélec is seeking a Research Assistant/Associate to join his group to carry out fundamental research in the field of mathematical modelling of plant morphogenesis. The project will focus on the processes contributing to cell shape and tissue organisation to understand physical forces constraining plant cells.

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On behalf of Sainsbury Laboratory staff, students and Management Board, we wish to express our profound shock and sadness at the sudden and tragic death of our Management Board member Professor Suzanne Eaton. Suzanne was a research leader at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics and a Professor at the Biotechnology Center of the Technical University of Dresden. She was internationally recognised for her research in developmental biology and in particular tissue morphogenesis. Our very deepest sympathy goes out to Suzanne’s family.



Supported by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation

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Ancestral deterrence strategy protects land plants from microbial infection

Jul 11, 2019

Scientists at Sainsbury Laboratory have uncovered striking similarities in how two distantly related plants defend against pathogens despite splitting from their common ancestor more than 400 million years ago.

New research team joins SLCU

Jun 25, 2019

Dr Sarah Robinson has joined the SLCU research leadership team and will head a new research group focused on investigating the mechanical properties of plants associated with growth.

SLCU researchers discover gene that could help us grow crops faster

Jun 10, 2019

Plant scientists at SLCU and the University of Bordeaux have discovered a gene that they hope can be used to widen a nutrient trafficking bottleneck and potentially increase crop yields.

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