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Plant seedling with sunset in background

Plants can tell time even without a brain

James Locke and Mark Greenwood explain how plants can coordinate their circadian clocks in their article published in The Conversation.

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Our Values

Many of the most creative ideas and discoveries come from a diversity of experiences, cultures and minds. At SLCU we foster an inclusive culture in which people can speak openly, try new things and be bold. We welcome people from all backgrounds and respect, celebrate and value everyone regardless of race, colour, gender identity, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, nationality or neurodiversity. 

We commit to including the principles of diversity, inclusivity and equality in all aspects of SLCU and through this we hope that all members of our community feel free to be their true selves. 

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Latest news

Mechanical buckling of petals produces iridescent patterns visible to bees

14 September 2021

Flowers are employing a materials science phenomenon typically associated with failures in structural engineering to produce exquisite three-dimensional petal patterns to lure pollinators.

Renske Vroomans to lead plant evo-devo research at SLCU

10 September 2021

Dr Renske Vroomans has been appointed to the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU) to lead research into the evolutionary dynamics of developmental processes in plants.

Blushing plants reveal when fungi are growing in their roots

23 July 2021

Scientists have created plants whose cells and tissues ‘blush’ with beetroot pigments when they are colonised by fungi that help them take up nutrients from the soil.