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Dr Hugo Tavares

Dr Hugo Tavares

Research Associate

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR


I am a bioinformatics analyst in the Leyser Group. My main areas of research have been in quantitative and evolutionary genetics/genomics, and I have a broad interest in data analysis and visualisation, statistics and programming in R. I am also very enthusiastic about supporting other researchers and colleagues to develop quantitative analytical skills. As part of this, I run weekly sessions for SLCU researchers to get advice on data analysis and regularly teach introductory data analysis courses at the University Bioinformatics Training facility (I am a certified Data Carpentry instructor).

To learn more about my skills and experience, see my CV.

Research Interests

The main focus of the Leyser Group is in understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms of developmental plasticity, using shoot branching architecture in Arabidopsis as a model to address these questions. My main project in the group focuses on dissecting the quantitative genetics of this trait, with particular attention to its interaction with environmental factors (GxE interaction). This question is being addressed with a combination of data, using standard association mapping approaches (GWAS in natural accessions and QTL mapping in a multi-parent "MAGIC" mapping population) as well as looking for selective signals from artificial selection experiments (using an "evolve-and-resequence" approach).

I also regularly collaborate with my group colleagues, providing bioinformatics analysis support (e.g. genomic and transcriptomic data), and general data analysis and statistics.

During my PhD, I worked on a population genetics project, characterising differentiation patterns across genomes in a natural hybrid zone. During this project I gained experience in a range of areas such as molecular genetics, field work, and genomic and transcriptomic analysis.

I have also briefly worked on a project to draft a genome assembly of an Asian honeybee species, where I've gained experience in de-novo assembly tools and diagnostics.


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