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Sainsbury Laboratory

Come along to our Live Q&A Session. We are looking for new teams to join us and have two new open professorship positions. Henrik Jönsson, Edwige Moyroud and Alexander Jones will host a live online information session talking about working at SLCU.

Q&A Information Session

We are looking for new teams to join us at the Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU) and are hosting an online Q&A Information Session where you can find out what it is like working at SLCU and about the application process.

This session is targeted at people interested in applying for one of the two open professorships currently being advertised (Professorship of Plant Development and Professorship of Quantitative Plant Development), but if you are interested in Career Development Fellowships, Group Leader, postdoc, PhD and other science professional positions at SLCU you are also very welcome to join.

SLCU Director Henrik Jönsson and Group Leaders Edwige Moyroud and Alexander Jones will talk about what it is like running a research group at SLCU and Cambridge, the facilities available, environment and culture, and collaboration opportunities. They will also also discuss in detail what's involved in the application and selection process.

DATE:  Monday 5 December 2022

TIME:  16:00 GMT/UTC


Attending Anonymously

We will be using the Zoom webinar function so your name will not be visible to other attendees.

The Zoom administration host will also rename all attendees to Anon at the start so they can ask the panel (Henrik, Edwige and Alexander) questions anonymously. If you prefer, you can change your Zoom Display Name yourself to Anon before you join.

If you do join with your name visible, it will be visible to the Zoom administration host only and they will rename you to Anon at the start of the session.


Asking questions during session

You can ask questions by typing your question into the Q&A box.


Submit questions ahead of session

You can also submit questions ahead of the session by adding your question below and clicking submit.


Recording of session

We will record the session and make it publicly available afterwards. The identity of participants will not be visible.



If you want to learn more about SLCU and the positions we are offering, please contact