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Sainsbury Laboratory


Locke Group Alumni

Mirela Domijan (Research Associate) - Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Douglas Griffith (Research Assistant) - Senior Researcher, LMU Munich

Casandra Villava (Research Assistant) - Research Technician, EMBL Barcelona

Benoit Landrein (Research Associate) -  CNRS Independent Researcher

Niall Murphy (Research Associate) - equal1.labs

Om Patange (PhD student) - Postdoc, Harvard Medical School

Bruno Martins (Research Associate) - Assistant Professor, University of Warwick

Sandra Cortijo (Research Associate) - CNRS Independent Researcher

Pau Formosa-Jordan (Herchel Smith Post Doctoral Research Fellow) - Group Leader, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research

Mark Greenwood (Research Associate) - Postdoc, MIT