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Dr Sandra Cortijo

Dr Sandra Cortijo

Research Associate

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100

Research Interests

My research project in the Wigge lab is focused on understanding how the ambient temperature transcriptome is controlled in plants. It was previously shown in the Wigge lab that the temperature transcriptome is tightly regulated by alternative nucleosomes containing H2A.Z. However it is not known at a genome-wide scale to what extent H2A.Z containing nucleosomes and other chromatin marks are involved in the regulation of the temperature transcriptome. To address this question, I am working on three complementary sub-projects:

  • Determine how the H2A.Z-nucleosome occupancy influences the temperature transcriptome.
  • Understand how the interplay between transcription factors and chromatin determines the temperature transcriptome.
  • Define the major classes of chromatin remodelling and modifying enzymes influencing the temperature transcriptome.

Key Publications

Jung JH., Domijan M., Klose C., Biswas S., Ezer D., Gao M., Khattak AK., Box MS., Charoensawan V., Cortijo S., Kumar M., Grant A., Locke JC., Schäfer E., Jaeger KE., Wigge PA. Phytochromes Function as Thermosensors in Arabidopsis. Science in press. DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf6005

Cortijo, S.*, R. Wardenaar*, M. Colome-Tatche, F. Johannes and V. Colot. Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in Arabidopsis using MeDIP-chip. In: Plant Epigenome: Understanding and Analysis (McKeown P and Spillane C Eds) Humana Press/Springer. In press. (*equal contribution)

Silveira, A.B., C. Trontin, S. Cortijo, J. Barau, L.E. Del Bem, O. Loudet, V. Colot, and M. Vincentz, Extensive natural epigenetic variation at a de novo originated gene. PLoS Genet, 2013. 9(4): p. e1003437

Colome-Tatche*, M., S. Cortijo*, R. Wardenaar, L. Morgado, B. Lahouze, A. Sarazin, M. Etcheverry, A. Martin, S. Feng, E. Duvernois-Berthet, K. Labadie, P. Wincker, S.E. Jacobsen, R.C. Jansen, V. Colot, and F. Johannes, Features of the Arabidopsis recombination landscape resulting from the combined loss of sequence variation and DNA methylation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2012. 109(40): p. 16240-5.

Seifert, M., S. Cortijo, M. Colome-Tatche, F. Johannes, F. Roudier, and V. Colot, MeDIP-HMM: genome-wide identification of distinct DNA methylation states from high-density tiling arrays. Bioinformatics, 2012. 28(22): p. 2930-9.

Roudier, F., I. Ahmed, C. Berard, A. Sarazin, T. Mary-Huard, S. Cortijo, D. Bouyer, E. Caillieux, E. Duvernois-Berthet, L. Al-Shikhley, L. Giraut, B. Despres, S. Drevensek, F. Barneche, S. Derozier, V. Brunaud, S. Aubourg, A. Schnittger, C. Bowler, M.L. Martin-Magniette, S. Robin, M. Caboche, and V. Colot, Integrative epigenomic mapping defines four main chromatin states in Arabidopsis. Embo J, 2011. 30(10): p. 1928-38.

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