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Dr Koichi Toyokura

Dr Koichi Toyokura

Visiting Researcher

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street
Cambridge CB2 1LR

Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100


I joined the Prof. Helariutta’s group in SLCU as a visitor in June 2016. During my PhD research in Kyoto University with Prof. Kiyotaka Okada. I studied pattern formation in leaf development in Arabidopsis. After I finished my PhD in 2011, I joined Prof. Hidehiro Fukaki’s group in Kobe University and focused on root development, especially lateral root development. From 2016, I have been doing a research in Prof. Tatsuo Kakimoto’s group in Osaka University to study the relationship between phytohormones and cell division. This work led me to start research on cytokinin and cell division in the Helariutta group.

Key Publications

Toyokura, K., Watanabe, K., Oiwaka, A., Kusano, M., Tameshige, T., Tatematsu, K., ... & Okada, K. (2011). Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase is involved in the robust patterning of Arabidopsis leaves along the adaxial–abaxial axis. Plant and Cell Physiology, 52(8), 1340-1353.

Tatematsu, K*., Toyokura, K*., Miyashima, S., Nakajima, K., & Okada, K. (2015). A molecular mechanism that confines the activity pattern of miR165 in Arabidopsis leaf primordia. The Plant Journal, 82(4), 596-608.

Toyokura, K., Yamaguchi, K., Shigenobu, S., Fukaki, H., Tatematsu, K., & Okada, K. (2015). Mutations in plastidial 5-aminolevulinic acid biosynthesis genes suppress a pleiotropic defect in shoot development of a mitochondrial gaba shunt mutant in Arabidopsis. Plant and Cell Physiology, 56(6), 1229-1238.