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Dr Jing Zhang

Dr Jing Zhang

Research Associate

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100


I received my Bachelor’s Degree on Engineering at China Agricultural University (Beijing, P.R.China) in 2003. Although I majored in microbiology and bioreactors, I have been always fascinated by plant biology very much. So for my Bachelor thesis, I studied the physiological changes of lawn grass varieties under cold and drought stress. After my graduation, I started my Ph.D. at Peking University (Beijing, P.R.China) on plant developmental biology. My Ph.D. project was focusing on the regeneration of secondary vascular tissues in Populus, a model tree. During my Ph.D., I visited University of Southampton in UK for one year and half and during that period, I accomplished the key experiments for my Ph.D dissertation. After I finished my Ph.D. in 2009, I joined Prof. Yka Helariutta’s group at University of Helsinki where I started to use arabidopsis root as a model to study secondary vascular development with a focus on transcriptional regulation of cambium activity and secondary growth. And from beginning of 2015, I moved to Cambridge along with Yka’s group to continue with my project.

Research Interests

Secondary growth and cambium activity in Arabidopsis roots
Transcriptional regulatory network during vascular development
Explore “new” functions of “old” genes during vascular development
Hormonal (Cytokinin)  regulation on secondary growth

Key Publications

Zhang J, Nieminen K, Serra JA, Helariutta Y. 2014. The formation of wood and its control. Current Opinion in Plant Biology  17:56-63.

Chen JJ, Zhang J, He XQ. 2014. Tissue regeneration after bark girdling: an ideal research tool to investigate plant vascular development and regeneration. Physiologia Plantarum 151:147-155.

Zhang J, Gao G, Chen JJ, Taylor G, Cui KM, He XQ. 2011. Molecular features of secondary vascular tissue regeneration after bark girdling in Populus. New Phytologist 192:869-84.

Zhang J, Elo A, Helariutta Y. 2011. Arabidopsis as a model for wood formation. Current Opinion in Biotechnology  22:293-299