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Sainsbury Laboratory


Who is SLCU?

The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU) is funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation to provide for an exceptional centre of excellence in quantitative plant development. The Institute brings together specialists in the biological, physical and mathematical sciences and encourages interdisciplinary collaborations for elucidating the regulatory systems underlying plant growth and development. This interdisciplinary approach is essential for understanding the complex dynamic and self-organising properties of plants.

SLCU is a community of approximately 160 people, including 85 research scientists, 30 professional and support staff, 25 PhD candidates and 20 visiting students. The Institute is well equipped for pioneering plant science research with a modern 11,000m2 award-winning building that incorporates laboratories, support areas, and meeting spaces, together with the University’s Herbarium, public café and an auditorium where academic symposia and public talks are held. SLCU has 42 controlled environment growth rooms, 300m2 of growing space under glass, tissue culture rooms and Level 2 Containment facilities. There is an in-house state-of-the-art advanced imaging facility for scientists working on several aspects of plant developmental biology, including live imaging of developing plant tissues, and high-resolution scanning electron microscopy. The Laboratory is also set-up to support advanced bioinformatics, image processing and modelling software development.

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