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The Gatsby Plant Science Summer School 2021

The Gatsby Plant Science Summer School (GPSSS) was established by the University of Leeds in 2005 and is now part of the Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme (GPSEP) at the University of Cambridge. In 2020 the 16th Gatsby Plant Science Summer School moved online for the first time. The 2021 summer school will take place online in late June/early July. 

The summer school is a unique opportunity for first year (or second year in Scotland) students studying at the below universities, to discover the challenge and opportunities of studying plant science, through talks from leading scientists, careers sessions, eye-opening workshops and thought-provoking discussions with researchers and peers.

To see what this year's summer school will involve, take a look here.

See lectures from past years on the Gatsby Plant Science Education Programme YouTube channel.

The academic advisor and co-founder for the school is Dr Celia Knight, the project managers are Dr Charlotte Carroll and Claire Pennycuick, and the project coordinator is Andrea Paterlini..

eGPSSS21 team: Charlotte Carroll (left), Claire Pennycuick (middle) and Andrea Paterlini (right).

If you have any additional questions about the Gatsby Plant Science Summer School, please contact Andrea at

The recruitment of students for GPSSS is aided by Gatsby Mentors working in the participating Universities. A full list of the mentors is provided below.

Gatsby Mentor University
Professor Pietro Spanu Imperial College London
Dr Verena Kriechbaumer Oxford Brookes University
Professor Alessandra Devoto Royal Holloway University of London
Professor Adam Price University of Aberdeen
Dr Paula Kover University of Bath
Dr Daniel Gibbs University of Birmingham
Dr Jill Harrison University of Bristol
Professor Julian M. Hibberd University of Cambridge
Dr Piers Hemsley University of Dundee
Professor Keith Lindsey University of Durham
Dr Colwyn Thomas University of East Anglia
Professor Andrew Hudson University of Edinburgh
Professor Tracy Lawson University of Essex
Dr David Studholme University of Exeter
Dr Eirini Kaiserli University of Glasgow
Dr Mike Roberts University of Lancaster
Dr Stefan Kepinski University of Leeds
Professor Dave Twell University of Leicester
Dr James Hartwell University of Liverpool
Dr Jon Pittman  University of Manchester
Professor Anne Borland University of Newcastle
Prof Zoe Wilson University of Nottingham
Dr Francesco Licausi University of Oxford
Dr Jonathan Mitchley University of Reading
Professor Andrew Fleming University of Sheffield
Professor Matthew Terry University of Southampton
Professor Lorenzo Frigerio University of Warwick
Professor Richard Waites University of York