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#LiverwortHunt on Twitter

Thank you everyone who has been sharing their Liverwort Hunt adventures on Twitter. And of course for the fantastic samples we have been receiving. Here are some images from across Britain from fellow Liverwort Hunters.


Check-out Tweets from your fellow Liverwort Hunters and at #LiverwortHunt

Participants in The Great British Liverwort Hunt are searching for two species of common liverworts. But what exactly is a liverwort?

In the video below, Alex Summers from the Cambridge University Botanic Garden discusses liverwort lineages, some of the challenges of growing plants for a research collection and diversity in UK bryophytes. 


Browse through the below images of liverworts that have been recently taken by our volunteer testers. They are quite small in size and so it takes a while to develop an eye for spotting them.

See more images on the British Bryological Society's new website or on Inaturalist -crescent-cup liverwort (Lunularia cruciata) andcommon liverwort (Marchantia polymorpha).

Marchantia polymorpha at base of brick wall

Marchantia polymorpha and moss growing in brick holes

Marchantia polymorpha close-up showing gemma cups

Lunularia cruciata growing in the top of a plant pot

Marchantia polymorpha growing in plant pots

Marchantia polymorpha on footpath

Possibly a Snakeskin Liverwort (Conocephalum conicum) - not a species that we are collecting.