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Research Overview

The aim of research at SLCU is to elucidate the regulatory systems underlying plant growth and development. SLCU houses 12 research groups each consisting of around 10 researchers. Details of research posts available at SLCU can be found on our Jobs page. PhD students should contact relevant group leaders to find out about any study opportunities at the Sainsbury Laboratory.


SLCU Leadership Team 


Professor Henrik Jönsson


Jönsson Research Group



Yrjo Helariutta

Professor Yrjö Helariutta

Research Group Leader

Helariutta Research Group



Alexander Jones

Dr Alexander Jones

Research Group Leader

Jones Research Group



Professor Ottoline Leyser

Research Group Leader

Leyser Research Group



Dr James Locke

Research Group Leader

Locke Research Group



Professor Elliot Meyerowitz

Inaugural Director, Distinguished Associate

Meyerowitz Research Group



Dr Edwige Moyroud

Research Group Leader

Moyroud Research Group 



Dr François Nédélec

Research Group Leader

Nedelec Group



Dr Giles Oldroyd

Research Group Leader

Oldroyd Research Group



Photo of Sarah Robinsin

Dr Sarah Robinson

Career Development Fellow

Robinson Research Group



Dr Sebastian Schornack

Research Group Leader 

Schornack Research Group