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Dr François Nédélec

Dr François Nédélec joined SLCU in January 2019 and leads a group researching the role of the cytoskeleton in cell and developmental biology using synthetic and systems biology approaches, and computer modelling. While his research focuses on the organisation of living cells with an emphasis on the cytoskeleton, he is also interested in the organisation of multiple cells in small ensembles of cells.

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Latest news

Blushing plants reveal when fungi are growing in their roots

23 July 2021

Scientists have created plants whose cells and tissues ‘blush’ with beetroot pigments when they are colonised by fungi that help them take up nutrients from the soil.

Alpine plant spins its own flavonoid wool

17 June 2021

Like the movie version of Spider-Man who shoots spider webs from holes in his wrists, a little alpine plant has been found to eject cobweb-like threads from tiny holes in specialised cells on its leaves.

Plants get a faster start to their day than we think

7 June 2021

To describe something as slow and boring we say it’s “like watching grass grow”, but scientists studying the early morning activity of plants have found they make a rapid start to their day – within minutes of dawn.