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Zoe Nahas

During my undergraduate, I worked in Liam Dolan’s lab on the role of miRNAs in the development of the model liverwort Marchantia polymorpha. My research project was two-fold: (i) the general and sex-specific importance of miRNAs in the vegetative to reproductive phase transitions, and (ii) the role of the RSL Class 1 transcription factor and its microRNA FRH1 in regulating the formation of vegetative structures.

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Anthony Bridgen

I am a PhD student working in Ottoline Leyser’s research group, focussing on the mechanistic basis for shoot branching plasticity. I am also chair of the Cambridge Food Security Forum.

Research Interests

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Dr Hugo Tavares

I am a bioinformatics analyst in the Leyser Group. My main areas of research have been in quantitative and evolutionary genetics/genomics, and I have a broad interest in data analysis and visualisation, statistics and programming in R. I am also very enthusiastic about supporting other researchers and colleagues to develop quantitative analytical skills.

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Dr Urszula Baster

I joined the Leyser group at SLCU in January 2015. Before that, I was doing my PhD in the Friml group, in the VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology (PSB), UGent Belgium. My work was focused on finding new players involved in polar auxin transport in Arabidopsis thaliana using a chemical genomics approach.

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Dr Martin van Rongen

Research Interests

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Dr Sally Ward

Research Interests

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Latest news

Plants get a faster start to their day than we think

7 June 2021

To describe something as slow and boring we say it’s “like watching grass grow”, but scientists studying the early morning activity of plants have found they make a rapid start to their day – within minutes of dawn.

How do plants hedge their bets?

1 June 2021

In some environments there is no way for a seed to know for sure when the best time to germinate is. So how does a plant make sure that all of its offspring are not killed at once by an ill-timed environmental stress following germination?

Professor Giles Oldroyd elected to National Academy of Sciences

6 May 2021

Professor Giles Oldroyd has been elected as an international member of the National Academy of Sciences in the USA.