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Sainsbury Laboratory


Task 4: Colour Quest! Find three different flowers of the same colour

Monday 22nd June - Sunday 28th June


What makes flowering plants so appealing to us? The dazzling array of colours plants produce through their flowers make them very attractive to people...and other animals alike! We have exploited this ability to breed ever more colourful varieties of ornamental plants, and flower colour also plays a pivotal role in attracting pollinators. Have you ever stopped to wonder how flowers create the colours they do?


Find flowers with similar colours from three different species. Which colours are common? Which are rare? Does it make a difference if the flower is wild or cultivated for a garden?

Take photos of the flowers you have found, and share your investigation with other PlantTaskmasters by posting on Twitter - remember to include @slcuplants and #PlantTaskmaster in your Tweet so that we can share your findings. 

Please feel free to send questions about your flowers to our Twitter account @slcuplants, and join a chat with our scientists later this week to find out about some of the fascinating ways plants produce colours.

A Rainbow of colours collected over 7 days

Thank you so much everyone who joined in our #PlantTaskmaster colour quest over this past week and shared the huge diversity of flowers you found in a rainbow of colours. 

An extra big thank you to those who took the challenge to the next level - @SjonHartman and @dewhurst_ben who hunted for a different colour each day. And the great observations like from @AlisonRBentley's noting the yellow flowers that occur in many common summer fruits and vegetables.