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Sainsbury Laboratory


Task 5: Can you find five different leaf shapes?

Monday 29th June - Sunday 5th July 2020


Plants are great architects and produce an incredible variety of leaf shapes. Nevertheless, as leaves are often less showy than flowers, it is very easy to overlook their amazing diversity. Have you ever wondered how or why plants produce such an array of shapes, sizes and symmetries?


This challenge can be done in two ways:
1) Find five plants with different leaf shapes. Can you describe how they differ?
2) How many different leaf shapes can you find on the same plant?
Plant researchers are still trying to unravel the mechanisms that determine the huge range of leaf shapes plants produce. Join in our #PlantTaskmaster challenge and explore this topic with us. 
Take photos of leaves and share your investigation with other PlantTaskmasters by posting on Twitter - remember to include @slcuplants and #PlantTaskmaster in your Tweet so that we can share your findings. Please feel free to send questions about your leaves to our Twitter account @slcuplants too.