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Task 2: Plants parts we eat (banner)

Task 2: Find food that comes from different parts of plants

Monday 8th June - Sunday 14th June 2020


Plants make-up most or all of the food that we eat. But have you ever stopped to think about which part of the plant it is that you are eating? The fruit? The seed? The leaves?

With some plants we eat more than one part. But for other plants we have to be careful which part we eat as the other parts might make us sick. For example the leaves of tomatoes are poisonous and for many years people thought the whole plant was poisonous and did not eat the fruit. Now we know tomato fruit can be eaten - and they are good for us and delicious!


Look in your cupboard and fridge at home to find food made from plants  - can you find food that comes from a stem, leaf, flower, root or fruit?

Group the food in to what part of the plant we eat - seed, leaves, stem, fruit? How many different plant parts are there? Which plant part did you find more of?

Share your investigation with other PlantTaskmasters by posting on Twitter - remember to include @slcuplants and #PlantTaskmaster in your Tweet so that we can share your find


Live Chat with a Scientist

Date: Sunday 14th June

Time: 11:00am (British Summer Time)

Venue: Twitter Live @slcuplants 

Join a live chat with Eva Hellmann and Nadia Radzman on Twitter @slcuplants to share your findings.