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I studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge from 2017 to 2020, specialising in Plant Sciences. My final year research project in John Carr’s group focused on optimising an olfactometric method to investigate virus-induced volatile cues influencing bean-aphid interactions. I joined the Moyroud group at SLCU in October 2020 and completed an MPhil on the role of flavonoids in petal pattern development. My project consisted of characterising the candyfloss mutants both phenotypically and genetically, as well as using a targeted approach to investigate the role of flavonols in petal pattern development in Hibiscus trionum. This project opened up several interesting avenues of investigation into the role of flavonoids in petal pattern development, which I continue to study in my current role as a Laboratory Technician.   

Research Interests

Cells are thought to acquire their identity within a tissue through integrating positional and lineage information. Through sequential changes in gene expression, sometimes mediated by external cues, sister cells can undergo huge morphological changes and lead to the diversity of cell types we see in different tissues. Petal epidermises, staggering in their variety and beauty, provide an excellent model to study this aspect of development. Combining biochemistry, microscopy and genetics, I aim to understand how small signalling molecules, including flavonols, contribute to this process in Hibiscus trionum petals. I will begin a PhD on this topic in October 2022.  

Other Professional Activities

Since November 2021, I have held the role of President of the SLCU Society, the body that represents the interests of all non-Group Leader employees and students at SLCU and organises many professional and social events for staff. My teaching experience includes being the day-to-day project supervisor to a third-year undergraduate student and a Demonstrator for first- and second-year undergraduate practical classes for Departments of Biochemistry and Plant Sciences.


PhD Student
 Selin  Zeyrek

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