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Alice Fairnie

I have recently joined the Moyroud group as a PhD student. I am interested in the evolution and development of floral traits, in particular traits which influence pollinator behaviour and interactions. My PhD project focusses on flower patterning in Hibiscus trionum. I hope to find the regulatory genes responsible for the diverse bullseye patterns seen in Hibiscus trionum and how these different patterns influence pollinator behaviour. 

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Plants get a faster start to their day than we think

7 June 2021

To describe something as slow and boring we say it’s “like watching grass grow”, but scientists studying the early morning activity of plants have found they make a rapid start to their day – within minutes of dawn.

How do plants hedge their bets?

1 June 2021

In some environments there is no way for a seed to know for sure when the best time to germinate is. So how does a plant make sure that all of its offspring are not killed at once by an ill-timed environmental stress following germination?

Professor Giles Oldroyd elected to National Academy of Sciences

6 May 2021

Professor Giles Oldroyd has been elected as an international member of the National Academy of Sciences in the USA.