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Dr Renuka Kolli


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Dr Albin Teulet


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Dr Yuki Sugiyama


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Dr Sabine Brumm

I completed my MSc in Plant Molecular Biology in the laboratory of Marcelo Desimone (National University of Cordoba, Argentina) in cooperation with the Center for Plant Molecular Biology (ZMBP) in Tuebingen. In Cordoba I studied the subcellular localisation of two putative hormone transporters in Arabidopsis thaliana and Soybean. Afterwards, I re-joined the ZMBP as a PhD student in the group of Gerd Juergens. The group focuses their research on molecular mechanisms underlying the directed transport of proteins in plant cells.

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Dr Sebastian Schornack

Research Interests

My research revolves around microbe-induced host cell reprogramming by effector proteins that are shuttled into plant cells. Effectors are a hallmark for animal and plant pathogens’ success in conquering the host. Plant populations frequently maintain counter-defensive disease resistance proteins (R proteins) for intracellular recognition of effectors. Studying R protein mechanisms thus reveals plant strategies in coping with constant pathogen challenge.