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Sainsbury Laboratory

Dr Christoph Schuster

Research Interests

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Dr Raymond Wightman

I am investigating how physical changes in cell morphology give rise to above-ground plant organs such as leaves and flowers. These organs are derived from a continuous pool of undifferentiated cells within the shoot apical meristem. I am interested in how the cells of the meristem undergo proper transformations in shape and size which is a result of changes in cell wall deposition and remodelling of existing cell wall components.

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Professor Elliot Meyerowitz

Elliot Meyerowitz did his undergraduate work at Columbia University (A.B. in Biology, 1973), where he worked part-time in the laboratory of Cyrus Levinthal on combined microscopic and computational methods for tracing axons and dendritic trees in the nervous systems of the fish Poecilia formosa. His graduate work was in the Department of Biology at Yale University (Ph.D. 1977), where he worked in the laboratory of Douglas Kankel on the interaction of eye and brain development in Drosophila melanogaster, by use of genetic mosaics.

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