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Sainsbury Laboratory

Edwige Berthelot profile photo
Research Assistant
Emily Chan profile photo
Research Assistant
 Sasha  Eremina
PhD Student/Research Assistant
Professor Henrik  Jönsson
Professor of Computational Morphodynamics
+44(0)1223 761128
Dr James  Locke
Professor of Quantitative Plant Development
Associate Director
Research Group Leader
Professor Elliot  Meyerowitz
Distinguished Associate
Laboratory's Inaugural Director (Jan 2011-Dec 2012)
Dr Edwige   Moyroud
Research Group Leader
01223 761163
Emily Oren profile picture
Research Assistant/PhD Student
Dr Sarah  Robinson
Research Group Leader
+44(0)1223 761146
Dr Sebastian  Schornack
Research Group Leader
Royal Society University Research Fellow
+44(0)1223 761145
 Bijun  Tang
PhD Student / Research Assistant
Dr Sally  Ward
Research Lab Manager
+44(0)1223 761106
Dr Raymond  Wightman
Imaging Core Facility Manager
+44(0)1223 761130
 May  Yeo