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Thomas Torode

Thomas Torode

Research Associate

Sainsbury Laboratory
University of Cambridge
47 Bateman Street

Cambridge CB2 1LR
Office Phone: +44(0)1223 761100

Research Interests

In October 2014, I joined the Braybrook group with the aim of understanding the mechanistic properties of cell wall composites. My project will focus on creating artificial cell wall structures out of various bacterial and algal polysaccharides, with the aim of creating tailor made cell wall composites for medical use. I will also be investigating the role of cell walls in a marine environment.

Previous Work

BSc. Genetics, University of Leeds, UK.

MSc. Bioscience (Plant biology), University of Leeds, UK.

PhD. University of Leeds, UK. With Paul Knox. My project focused upon the generation and characterisation of monoclonal antibodies against cell wall components of the brown algae.


7 day old zygote of Fucus serratus