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Microscopy using illuminated DIC

This is centred around a Zeiss Axioimager that is connected to high resolution colour and monochrome cameras and an EMCCD camera for in focus, high sensitivity acquisition via the attached Vivatome module. This microcope is particularly good for differential interference contrast (DIC).



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SLCU researchers discover gene that could help us grow crops faster

Jun 10, 2019

Plant scientists at SLCU and the University of Bordeaux have discovered a gene that they hope can be used to widen a nutrient trafficking bottleneck and potentially increase crop yields.

Enemy at the gates

May 22, 2019

The Schornack team has discovered that increasing the activity of a single gene can increase a plant’s resistance to blight at its first line of defence — the epidermis.

New insights into how bud-bud communication influences branching

Mar 28, 2019

New insights into how buds communicate with each other through the dynamic auxin transport network have been published by SLCU plant scientists.

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