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Sainsbury Laboratory

Dr Siobhan Braybrook was a Career Development Fellow at SLCU between 2013-2017. This page summarises the research areas that her former group focused on.

Dr Siobhan Braybrook

Former Career Development Fellow at SLCU


Research Interests

Dr Braybrook established The Plant Mechanics Group at SLCU in 2013. The aim of Dr Braybrook's Research Group was to understand how shapes and patterns are physically manifested in plants. In order to do this, her group looked at how to quantify shapes and patterns, understand cell wall mechanics, elucidate the molecular mechanisms that control wall mechanics, and explore the evolutionary space linking growth and cell wall mechanics. 

In all organisms, the growing of a shape is a complex process requiring specific gene products, signalling, mechanical alterations, and coordination of cell growth. Her group addressed this fundamental process in biology using a multidisciplinary approach including plant physiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, materials science, and physics.

An integral part of understanding shape generation is being able to quantify shapes. They tested two methods of quantitative shape analysis for epidermal cell shape: Fourier analysis and geometric metrics. These methods were explored and applied to leaf epidermal cell shape in over 250 species sampled from the Cambridge University Botanic Garden and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Key Publications

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Recent Review Publications

SA Braybrook. 2014. Signalling in plant cell patterning- mechano-molecular theory and phyllotaxis. In: The Biochemist. Special Issue: Signalling in Plants and Microbes

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SA Braybrook and C Kuhlemeier. How a plant builds leaves. 2010. The Plant Cell. 22: 1006-1018.


A confocal images of cell walls (left) used to make a cell volume map of an etiolating Arabidopsis hypocotyl (center). An elastic modulus map of a similar hypocotyl base (right). Volume map made using MorphoGraphX (Richard Smith,


An elastic modulus map of an Arabidopsis inflorescence meristem, as determined with AFM. Red regions are more rigid than blue regions. As in Peaucelle and Braybrook et al. (2011), Current Biology.

A 12 hour growth map of an Arabidopsis inflorescence meristem. Cell area increase are colored from blue to red. Analysis based on confocal imaging and processing using MorphoGraphX (Richard Smith,