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Light sheet microscopy

The light sheet system at SLCU has been designed for rapid fluorescence imaging of whole roots, seedlings and plant organs. It was built and is maintained by Martin Lenz as part of a collaboration between SLCU and CAIC.

Both live and cleared samples are imaged vertically in a bespoke imaging chamber containing two illumination objectives (for generating the light sheets on both sides of the sample) and two imaging objectives. The system allows imaging of both sides of a sample concurrently and a rotating sample holder permits multi-angle views of the sample. The system supports all the major fluorophores plus FRET-based biosensors. One imaging objective can be combined with a magnification changer to increase magnification.


405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 515nm, 561nm, 638nm



2x back illuminated sCMOS camera (Hamamatsu Orca Flash4)



Within the sample chamber are two illumination objectives and two imaging objectives:

Illumination: 2x Nikon 10x, 0.3NA, water dipping 

Imaging: 2x Olympus 20x, 1.0NA, water dipping