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Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium '20 Pluripotency in Plant Development

SLS'20: Pluripotency in Plant Development

22-25 September, 2020

13:00-15:00 BST (GMT+1) online each day


Registration is free but limited.
Registration deadline: Friday 28 August, 2020
Further information on how to participate is here.



Plants as multicellular organisms harbour cells and cell groups that are responsible for growth and patterning of the tissue. The stem cells can be part of the embryo, the shoot or root apical meristem or vascular meristems. They can also be part of developing, regenerating or symbiotic organs. Several gene functions and regulatory networks have been identified that orchestrate the stem cell function. The aim of SLS'20 is to synthesize the current knowledge on the architecture, dynamics and diversity underlying plant stem cell systems, based on a variety of experimental and theoretical approaches.


The programme consists of a mixture of online live and pre-recorded talks, as well as live poster sessions and discussions. Pre-recorded talks and posters will be available for delegates to view a few days before the conference. There will also be optional times where delegates can watch pre-recorded talks related to upcoming sessions in a group if they wish. Some content from the conference will be made publicly available for a limited time for those unable to attend.

Full details of the programme coming soon!


 Confirmed speakers:

Pilar Cubas

Jill Harrison

Sandy Hetherington

Dorota Kwiatkowska

Francesco Licausi

Jan Lohmann

Ari-Pekka Mähonen

Laila Moubayidin

Keiko Sugimoto

Keiko Torii

Doris Wagner

Dolf Weijers

Lin Xu

Xian Sheng Zhang